More Links to share

Thanks to everyone who has emailed offering support and congratulations on  Nordic North Alberta’s launch.  It is exciting to be apart of the Alberta nordic ski scene and we hope to provide everyone with useful information on local clubs, ski conditions and events .

Thanks to David (Axel the Waxer) Thompson and  Doug at the University of Alberta, we have a few more websites to add to the blogroll.  Make sure you check out the Muskeg Flyers in EdsonHinton Nordic Skiers, and Edmonton Nordic Ski Club’s ‘s Northern Trail Report page.  If you know of a club not listed, or would like to share a website, please drop us a line at

4 responses to “More Links to share

  1. (Kananaskis link spelling) Nice layout, looks great! Found you via Skihere. I know people love to trade reports on skihere so if you build it….

  2. Good luck with your new web site.
    I just noticed one small type, ‘Kanaskis’, in the right menu.

    All the best. Henry

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