Irresistible Chickakoo

Natalie gave us a heads up on conditions near Stony Plain:

It was crunchy out there!

The unexpectedly cool weather today made a trip to Chickakoo irresistible… but we would not go back before another decent snow. (Thankfully, snow is in the forecast tomorrow!)

Although all the trails have been groomed and trackset, they’re in such poor condition that it doesn’t really matter.  Hikers have been out in full-force since the last grooming and the warmer weather last week made for icy conditions.

Snowplowing on hills was very difficult, and my husband (pulling the double-Chariot) even decided to walk one big hill rather than risk injuring himself.

We plan on going again next weekend – it looks like it could be quite good after a week of cold weather & a bit of snow.

I hope you are having some better luck further south!

(Sorry, only got one terrible photo before my battery died.)

Chickakoo Recreation Area November 2012

Thanks Natalie for sending in the first trip report!

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